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undraw_interview_rmcfI am Python developer with 5 years of freelancing experience. I build things ranging from pure Python libraries involving sockets, to APIs & websites using advanced frameworks like Python Flask & Django. I have built a variety of websites which include, e-commerce portals, web UIs to manage servers and containers and online education support systems.

If you are looking for someone with the following skillsets:

  • Python
  • Flask & Django
  • Celery, Python-RQ
  • pytest unit testing
  • JavaScript with ES5 & ES6
  • VueJS, Vuex & Vue-Router
  • Karma, Mocha, Sinon based unit testing
  • CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, Semantic UI, Spectre
  • Docker, docker-compose & Vagrant development environments
  • CI & CD integrated development
  • Git with Github and Gitlab experience
  • Redis, Redis-cluster

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