Hi đź‘‹

I am Arunmozhi – a software developer.

More specifically – a Full Stack web developer.

What do I do?

I help convert ideas into reality. I have built prototypes, first versions, customised existing solutions for early stage startups and have seen them become production systems used by thousands.

I do that by writing code that converts data into APIs, ML Models into services, and user stories into user interfaces. I create automated tasks in the server, UI components in the browser and everything in between.

What’s my Stack?

I believe in using the best tool for the task. My everyday languages are Python & JavaScript. That doesn’t mean I cannot write some Qt C++ when needed. I believe in the philosophy that the stack is only as robust as the team working on it.

How to get in touch?

  1. Send a message from the Contact page on the top
  2. @tecoholic on Twitter – DMs are open

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