Learning Rust – Day 1

Dev notes from learning Rust.

Official Website: https://www.rust-lang.org


  • Rust is a compiled language – different from my daily drivers Python and JavaScript both interpreted languages.
  • Compiled means re-learning the difference between passing by reference and passing by value
  • Rust has mutability at the core of data management – so being conscious about immutable and mutable data
  • Errors are handled as a part of the Result of functions. Doesn’t need an explicit try...except (at least at this point)
  • Packages are called crates and there are binary crates & library crates
  • https://crates.io/ is the package registry
  • Cargo.lock file acts as the record of dependencies for Reproducible builds
  • cargo update updates the packages to the most recent bugfix version
  • there is something called Traits which provide access to functions of a crate.