QGIS – Creating new column from existing using Python

Yesterday, I was working on the ward level parks map of Chennai I had to join a CSV data layer with the boundary polygon layer, but there was one issue while my CSV file has the ward numbers as integers (1,2,3..etc), the polygon layer had them as strings (Ward 1, Ward 2, Ward 3 …etc.,)…… Continue reading QGIS – Creating new column from existing using Python

Python Pitfalls

I was woken up today with the following question: [python] def foo(x=[]): x.append(1) return x >>> foo() >>> foo() [/python] What could be the output? The answer is [1] [1, 1] I was stupefied for a minute before I started DuckDuckGo-ing Python default arguments, Python garbage collection, Python pitfalls..etc., These links helped me understand mutable…… Continue reading Python Pitfalls

Thattachu – Open Source Typing Tutor

Typing tutor is a known ancient domain to work on. There are a number of places online/offline, tangible/intangible places to learn typing. But Srikanth (@logic) stumbled on a peculiar problem when worked for the Wikimedia Language Engineering team. The new age Indic input methods involved in computers seem to have no place to learn how…… Continue reading Thattachu – Open Source Typing Tutor

Zimbalaka – Zim file creator for Offline Wikipedia

OpenZim is a Wikimedia developed format for offline reading of Wikipedia. Read more here. But the project was sadly sidelined and the support from MediaWiki, the software that runs Wikipedia sites, was also removed. I came to know about all this from Bala Jeyaraman of Vasippu. He is planning to introduce tablets in a classroom…… Continue reading Zimbalaka – Zim file creator for Offline Wikipedia