Icons/Font related to Indian Culture

There seems to be a clear lack in availability of icons and icon fonts for using in the Indian cultural context. I realized this when we were designing a wedding invitation and we couldn’t find any free available material. So I am creating a list of known objects with cultural relevance and create them in my free time. All the icons you see here are available in Wikimedia Commons in Public Domain License. Feel free to do whatever you want with it. I suggest you upload your derived works to keep the spirit.

  • Nadaswram – Nadaswaram
  • Mridangam – Mridangam
  • Murasu – Murasu
  • Bullock Cart – Bullock cart icon
    • Bullock face – Bullock face
    • Bullock Full – Bullock full
  • Tea Tumbler – Tea Tumbler icon
  • Catapult – Catapult Icon
  • Garland –
  • Pot –
  • Two hands Vanakkam –
  • Cycle Tyre –
  • Cycle tube Catapult –
  • Mango –
  • Banana tree –
  • Full Boil / Half Boil – Half boil Icon
  • Biriyani –
  • Betel Leaf –
  • Head with towel –
  • Head with ear rings and pottu –
  • Kumbam –
  • Banana Leaf with Food –
  • Kolam (Thanks Pravin) –

If you happen to read this and have an idea of what more could be included, kindly leave your suggestions as comments. Or if you happen to find these icons in some form for free usage post the link.

Author: Arunmozhi

Arunmozhi is a freelance programmer and an open-source enthusiast.

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