Creating an Icon for my blog

When I moved the site from Jekyll to WordPress, I was asked to create a site icon by WordPress. I was trying to play around with the letter from “t” from my screen name “tecoholic” in a couple of Vector editors using different fonts, handrawn symbols …etc., and finally landed on what I know best. Write a Python script for it. So here it is, my blog icon and the generator. It is just a stacking of “T”s but somehoe looks like the corner of ancient Chinese houses.

#!/usr/bin/env python
A script to generate SVG icon for the personal blog.
import svgwrite

width = 256
height = 256
mtop = mbottom = mright = mleft = 256/8

dwg = svgwrite.Drawing(filename="blog_icon.svg", size=(height, width))

def draw_pattern(width, color):
    xpos = 256/8 + mleft
    ypos = 256/8
    increment = 256*2/8
    vlines = dwg.add(dwg.g(id="vlines", stroke=color, stroke_width=width, stroke_linecap="round"))
    hlines = dwg.add(dwg.g(id="vlines", stroke=color, stroke_width=width, stroke_linecap="round"))
    while (xpos < 256*7/8):
        vlines.add(dwg.line(start=(xpos,ypos), end=(xpos, 256 - mbottom)))
        hlines.add(dwg.line(start=(mleft, ypos), end=(xpos+mright, ypos)))
        xpos += increment
        ypos += increment

draw_pattern(20, "black")
draw_pattern(8, "white")

That creates the SVG, then it is just using imagemagick to create png files of all required sizes:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
convert -background none blog_icon.svg blogo_256.png
convert -background none -resize 512x512 blog_icon.svg blogo_512.png
convert -background none -resize 128x128 blog_icon.svg blogo_128.png
convert -background none -resize 64x64 blog_icon.svg blogo_64.png
convert -background none -resize 32x32 blog_icon.svg blogo_32.png


Author: Arunmozhi

Arunmozhi is a freelance programmer and an open-source enthusiast.

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