Featured on TheNextWeb & Lifehacker

Something really cool happened this week. I will let the tweets to take over.

… and that’s how I made it to the homepage of TheNextWeb.

… and Lifehacker

Source code of the extension: https://github.com/tecoholic/Just-Arrived

For Chrome: Chrome Webstore

For Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/just-arrived-ff/

What did I learn from this?

The most important thing I learnt while doing this is probably the fact that the extension architecture is standardised across Chrome and Firefox. Thanks to Shrinivasan for asking me to port it to Firefox.

But, I think the relationship is one sided. Firefox can work with extensions written for Chrome, but Chrome won’t work with extensions written for Firefox. This is due to the nature of Firefox’s API and the fallback it offers.

For example, the storage api on Firefox is storage.* whereas on Chrome it is chrome.storage.*. Since Firefox has fallbacks for all the chrome.* API, the code primarily written for Chrome works without modifications on Firefox. But if a developer writes the plugin first for Firefox, it would lose the namespacing and therefore won’t work.

More technical details here at MDN web docs: Building a cross-browser extension

Special thanks @tshrinivasan for pushing me to build it for Firefox to @SuryaCEG for the UX advised and @IndianIdle for writing the article.

Author: Arunmozhi

Arunmozhi is a freelance programmer and an open-source enthusiast.

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